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A SuperSports Elite Experience
Unlike Any Other


SuperSports Elite goes beyond ordinary youth sports. We’re a training ground for Douglasville’s most ambitious athletes, offering camps and clinics for kids ages 3 and up in popular sports like football, soccer, basketball, baseball, cheerleading, golf, and more. Our focus is on unlocking greatness, fueled by elite coaching, cutting-edge training, and an unyielding focus on athlete development.

Welcome to SuperSports Elite:

Where Douglasville’s Young Athletes Become Unstoppable

Ready to unleash your child’s full potential in football, basketball, cheerleading, golf, soccer, baseball, or beyond? SuperSports Elite in Douglasville, GA, is your training ground for greatness! We offer elite-level coaching, cutting-edge training methods, and an unmatched team spirit in the heart of metro Atlanta’s thriving sports scene.

Why Choose
  • Train with the Best:

    Our coaches are former pros and experts obsessed with transforming young athletes into stars. They bring passion, experience, and the insider knowledge that gives your child an undeniable edge.

  • Tech-Powered Performance:

    We embrace the future of sports training! Your child might experience performance tracking tech, pro-level film analysis, and tools that put them ahead of the competition.

  • NFL Inspiration:

    Get ready for potential guest appearances by NFL legends, ready to share their secrets with the next generation of champions.

  • Douglasville Pride:

    We’re proud to nurture hometown talent. Expect training instilled with Douglasville’s spirit of determination and a focus on representing our community with pride.

Unleash Your Child's Inner Star

Which sport ignites your passion? Choose a program below to start your domination.

Elite Football

Where Champions Are Made: Douglasville’s Game-Changing Youth Football Program. Our youth football program offers something far greater than just athletic triumphs.


Elite Basketball

The basketball court is a classroom in disguise. The split-second decisions, relentless teamwork, and overcoming setbacks instill qualities essential for effective leaders.


Elite Cheerleading

Cheerleading’s foundation lies in teamwork. It’s the synchronized routines, the trust required for complex stunts, and the vital responsibility of energizing the crowd and supporting fellow athletes.


Elite Soccer

In Douglasville, Georgia, our youth soccer program delivers more than athletic skill development.We believe the power of soccer extends beyond the scoreboard, creating young leaders


Elite Golf

Golf evokes images of manicured fairways and calculated swings. While mastery of the sport takes immense skill, our youth golf program in Douglasville, Georgia, offers something even more invaluable.


Elite Baseball

The crack of the bat, a dramatic slide into home base – baseball captures hearts for a reason. But in Douglasville, Georgia, our youth baseball program is shaping more than just skilled athletes.

The SuperSports Elite Difference

Our camps transform young athletes into:

  • Skill Masters: We unlock the potential within, turning weaknesses into strengths and developing those highlight-reel plays across every sport.
  • Game Strategists: Learn the mental game – how to outsmart opponents, read plays like a pro, and make clutch decisions under pressure.
  • Champions On & Off the Field: We forge mental toughness, unwavering sportsmanship, and the leadership skills to excel in sports and life.

Join the Legacy of Champions

SuperSports Elite isn’t for everyone. It’s for those young athletes who crave that elite training, that hunger to be the best version of themselves, and want to represent Douglasville with that undeniable champion spirit.

Ready to Elevate Your Game?

Explore our upcoming camps, learn about our incredible coaches, and discover the SuperSports Elite advantage. [Insert links to sport-specific pages, coaching bios, etc.]

Get in the Game!

  • Tag a friend whose child needs to see this! Train together, dominate together.
  • Got questions? We’re here! Let’s find the perfect program to unleash your child’s potential.

This is where ambition meets action. Welcome to SuperSports Elite!

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