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Are you searching for “basketball near me” in the Atlanta area? Does your child dream of dribbling down the court, sinking the perfect shot, and experiencing the thrill of team victory? Super Sports Elite Youth Basketball in Douglasville, GA, is the answer! We offer premier programs designed to help young athletes ignite their passion, develop their skills, and become the best basketball players they can be.


Expert Coaching for All Levels: Whether your child is new to the court or ready for competitive play, our experienced coaches create personalized plans to maximize growth and build confidence.
Focus on Skills & Sportsmanship: We teach more than just plays and drills. We emphasize the fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship, and the mental toughness it takes to succeed on and off the court.
Building a Basketball Community: At Super Sports Elite, your child will find a welcoming atmosphere where they’ll make friends, learn from peers, and feel the power of being part of a supportive team.
Convenient Douglasville Location: We make it easy for Douglasville and surrounding area families to access top-notch basketball training.
The Atlanta Sports Connection: Tap into the vibrant Atlanta sports scene and watch your child’s love for the game grow alongside their skills.

Our Programs: A Fit for Every Player

Little Hoopers (Ages 5-7): It all starts with fun! We make learning basketball exciting with skills development wrapped in playful drills and games.
Junior League (Ages 8-10): Players take their game to the next level with dedicated practice, competitive play, and a focus on individual and team skills.
All-Star League (Ages 11-14): Our most intense league prepares young athletes for the challenges and rewards of high-level competition and fosters leadership skills.

Become a Basketball Champion with Super Sports Elite

If you’re ready to see your child transform into a confident, skilled basketball player, Super Sports Elite is the team-focused, growth-oriented program you’ve been looking for. We believe every child can achieve greatness on the court and in life. Let their basketball journey begin with us!